Use an Experienced Flat Roof Specialist in Market Drayton for Excellent Results

Flat Roof Specialist in Market Drayton Use the expert services of flat roof specialists in Market Drayton if you want to erect a flat roof. A flat roof is one of the most affordable roofs available. If you are planning on installing a flat roof on your property, we can assist. Our team is well-trained and highly skilled, all of whom are employed by us. We have been established for many years and take great pride in our ability to successfully complete even the most challenging project. Our reputation is most important to us and we strive to give every customer personal service and perfect roof. Acknowledged as one of the most competent and value for money roofing experts in our area, we undertake to complete the project from start to finish and include materials in our free estimates.

If you are planning on installing a new roof in Market Drayton, a flat roof specialist will take care that it is strong, durable and leak-free. It is noted that many flat roofs develop leakage problems and, should you have a leaking flat roof, we offer our repair services.  We first need to establish that the timber has not been compromised in any way. A leak can often allow water to get to the timber and cause rot. If this is the case we can remove the damaged timber and replace it with new. The roof will need to be patched and as the leak is often at a corner or against a wall we use materials that fit snugly into these spaces. We use glass fibre, typically used to manufacture boats, it is completely water-resistant and flexible.

Find flat roof specialists in Market Drayton when you have a flat roof repair necessary. You are welcome to contact Steve Emery Roofing Specialists today. We will gladly provide a quotation for your new roof or roof repairs. With many years of experience in the repair and installation of flat roofs, we take pride in our expert services. We supply our own materials so that we are assured that the quality is good. Our team has the expertise and experience to tackle any type of roof work and we make sure that everything we use matches BSI requirements.