UPVC Fascias and Soffits in Telford

UPVC Fascias and Soffits in TelfordOur quality UPVC fascias and soffits in Telford are used to protect the edges of the roof and stop roofing and tiles lifting in very strong winds and, of course, to present a neat and finished look to your building. UPVC material is weatherproof and very hard wearing.  Although it is not biodegradable it is recyclable.  It is also fire resistant and withstands chemical erosion. Fascia boards need to be strong as they usually hold up the last row of tiles on a roof and also carry the guttering so in years past they were made of wood.  Wood, however, has a tendency to rot in normal weather conditions and needs to be maintained regularly and often replaced.  UPVC fascias are durable, affordable and you will never need to replace them as they do not wear.

You have to protect the roof of your home. In Telford, fascias and soffits are now mostly made of UPVC.  Some soffit boards have ventilation holes to allow air circulation in the roof to stop condensation forming and rotting the timber of the roof trusses. A soffit covers your rafters and gives an aesthetically pleasing finish to your roof as well as protecting the wooden eaves of your roof from the weather. In a severe storm, without soffits, the wind would blow the rain into your attic space and damage the rafters and ceilings of your home as well as remove your homes roof. There are other materials that one can use and aluminium soffits are the second most popular used, although they are more costly and are susceptible to bending and denting.

High-quality UPVC fascias and soffits in Telford are not the only services we supply. Contact Steve Emery Roofing Specialists today and we will visit your premises and ascertain the work needed on your roof. We have an emergency service which is a lifesaver in storm damage and are also specialists in felt roofing and flat roof rubber cladding.  Our expert team will also offer free quotations on chimney work, fibreglass roofing, roof lights and guttering.  Our teams are highly trained professionals who have a reputation for trustworthiness, diligence and excellent workmanship.