UPVC Fascias and Soffits in Eccleshall

UPVC Fascias and Soffits in EccleshallUPVC fascias and soffits in Eccleshall are an excellent protection for your roof. The soffit is under the rafter tails and the fascia protects the end of the rafters and together they give the house eaves a finished look. They also keep the pests like squirrels, birds, and bats out of your attic. The seal created keeps water from blowing in. The old wood fascia and soffits would warp, rot and leak letting in moisture and pests, causing gradual deterioration of your rafters and your roof. Keeping the fascia and soffits painted and caulked so they could remain effective required frequent maintenance. We install UPVC fascias and soffits that are attractive, effective, durable and low maintenance.

To us, we see the fascia, soffits, guttering and roof materials are all part of one system that works together to keep your home dry. We install roofing systems in Eccleshall, UPVC fascia and soffits as well as gutters that add to the good looks of your home. Every component is dependent on the other to protect the integrity of your roof system. Professional installation and waterproof seals by skilled craftsmen is essential to prevent exterior and interior damage. If there is a way inside, water will find it and you may not know until extensive damage becomes visible. While the fascia and soffit UPVC materials are nearly maintenance free, yearly gutter cleaning is essential because if water backs up it the fascia is compromised first.

We specialise in flat roof installation and repairs including UPVC fascia and soffits in Eccleshall. Our many years of service in the area have earned us the trust and respect of our customers. All are pleased with the UPVC materials we now use to protect their rafters and eaves from damage. Contact us for a check-up of your fascias and soffits as well as your whole roofing system. We’ll give you an honest accounting of the condition and a free estimate for any work we would recommend.  Installation must be done perfectly to be effective and we guarantee our workmanship and materials. Our team of installers are highly skilled and experienced. You can count on a professional outcome from us.