Slates in Newcastle under Lyme

Slates in Newcastle Under LymeWhen looking for slates in Newcastle under Lyme, contact Steve Emery Roofing Specialists for top-quality materials and installation. Slate roofs are one of the most successful roofing systems in the world, as they are very attractive, long-lasting and provide years of great service, provided you invest time and money in maintaining them properly. They are made with slate tiles, wooden boards and metal fasteners to keep them in place. When the tiles get old or damaged, they are easily replaceable and much more environmentally friendly than the toxic waste generated by many other types of materials. However, the most important thing about slate roofs is installation. A well-installed one can last for decades, while a poorly-installed one can give you endless problems.

In Newcastle under Lyme, slates are an old and traditional roofing choice since ancient times, and though they’re heavy and not very easy to install, they provide lasting quality. Slate roofs were often the choice of aristocracy in certain parts of the country and the methods of fixing slates has evolved from traditional to modern as technology and expertise advanced. Slate roofs are wind and water proof and extremely beautiful to see, growing more attractive as they age. Another big advantage with installing slate roofs is that they are fire-resistant and can last up to 150 years, provided that they’re well cared for. Slate roofing gives your building fabulous curb appeal and resale value.

On the flip side, slates in Newcastle under Lyme may be quite expensive for the average homeowner to install. Most of the cost is in the installation, as it requires an expert to do the job properly. While hiring a roofing contractor, ensure that they have experience in working with slates, otherwise you could end up with a perennial problem. Ask for references and contact previous clients to check on the workmanship before taking a decision. Get your architect to evaluate the structural aspects of your building before installing slates, as they are very heavy. Slates are durable in the long run, but they are also quite fragile and can chip or crack easily if they’re stepped on. Contact Steve Emery Roofing Specialists for more information about slates.