Re-Roofs in Winsford

Re-Roofs in WinsfordYou may not need re-roofs in Winsford if your home’s roof is well maintained. Many homes require re-roofs because the current roof is too severely damaged to be cost effectively repaired. Sometimes the damage is so bad that the roof structure needs replacing as well. If it is caught early it can save the house owner a lot of time and expense by repairing the roof instead of replacing it. In an old house or building the damage may have been done in the timber support structure by rot or woodworm and there is nothing else to do but to replace the whole roof structure. This can be a fairly costly exercise as well as being inconvenient.

When your roof is leaking badly in Winsford, re-roofs can make your house weather proof again. It is not always necessary to replace the structure it may only be the tiles or slates. A roof restoration is preferable from a financial and convenience perspective. This usually entails replacing the roof covering and damage to timbers repaired where necessary. Sometimes it may only be a section of the roof that need replacing and once this has been done the roof will be waterproof for many years again. The best solution to this problem is regular maintenance of your roof. Have the tiles and slates checked for cracks and chips which can allow water to penetrate to the roof timbers.

We are specialists in re-roofs in Winsford. Contact Steve Emery Roofing Specialists today and arrange for our expert roofing team to visit your home and assess the condition of your roof. We have many years of experience in providing expert roofing solutions in all types of roofs including flat roofs, pitched roof with tiles or slate, fascias and soffits. We are well known for our rapid response to storm damage and insurance work. We offer a service in lead flashing and lead work on roofs and chimneys. We supply and fit fibreglass roofing for exceptional waterproofing on smaller roofing projects.