Lead Work in Telford

Lead Work in TelfordSteve Emery Roofing is the company you want if you prefer lead work in Telford. There are some misconceptions about the use of lead sheet material for roofs and flashings. We want you to know why we use it. Lead has been used in construction projects for hundreds of years. A number of those projects are still intact. You may not notice immediately but lead was used in many of our historic buildings. That is one reason it is used when conserving a building. Lead looks great as it develops a lovely grey patina over time. When we say over time, we do mean a long time. Another reason lead is used in roofing and flashings and even roof top ornamentals is its longevity. Again, you have only to look at some of our historic buildings to know that is true.

As a well-established roofing company, we have a lot of experience working in all conditions. Still, even for us, physically managing the roofing materials is awkward at best: that is why in Telford, lead work is easier because it is more flexible than any other metal. We can bend it and shape it easily tor any application including roofing and flashings. There are other benefits besides making our job easier and aesthetically pleasing. Sheet lead is 98% recyclable. According to the BRE Green Guide, lead has a lesser carbon footprint than other materials. We can install it in any weather conditions as well.  Even cold and damp does not affect its malleability. We use lead at some junctions because it is the only material that will keep moisture out.

Steve Emery Roofing adhere to British Standards in all of our roofing work including lead work in Telford. Since we do that, the rolled lead sheet we install comes with a 50 year guarantee. It is resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Find out more about how lead work can be used for your roofing and flashings to the best advantage and contact Steve Emery Roofing. It looks good, lasts incredibly longer than anything else and no water is going to penetrate it. Lead sheeting, when installed by professionals from Steve Emery Roofing, is the most cost effective material available.