Kemperol Roofing in Stoke

Kemperol Roofing in StokeKemperol roofing in Stoke is an ideal roofing membrane for flat roofs or for waterproofing a balcony or green roof. Some of the most famous buildings in the world have Kemperol waterproofing like the Gherkin in London and the Empire State building in America.  If they trust Kemperol to keep them dry you know you can too. We have been selected as one of the Kemperol Accredited Installers after a rigorous training programme at their training centre. We have received certificates of competence to install the waterproof roofing system to exacting standards and can offer a comprehensive warranty.

When you need a versatile and durable coating for your home in Stoke, Kemperol roofing is a brilliant new cold application to waterproof and seal your roof. One of the main benefits of this type of waterproofing is that it can be used on existing roof coverings which saves a lot of time and money as you do not need to have the roof removed before installation.  The cold applied roof covering uses resin and fleece to form a waterproof seal.  The fleece membrane is first saturated with resin before being applied to the roof and then finished off with another layer of resin.  This stops any thin spots that could allow leaks in the future and provides a single seamless membrane.

Kemperol roofing in Stoke is the modern way to weatherproof your roof.  Contact Steve Emery Roofing Specialists today as we have long been the foremost flat roofing specialists in the area. With our many years of experience, we can confidently offer the most affordable price for installing a new flat roof or ensuring that your existing flat roof does not leak. It sounds simple but there is an exact art to weather proofing a flat roof as numerous people have found to their cost. If not done properly a flat roof will leak as the water tends to pool and not to run off as with a pitched roof.