Flat Roof Repair in Telford

Flat roof repair in TelfordFlat roof repair in Telford will keep your flat roof going indefinitely when professionally attended to. Steve Emery Roofing Specialists are just that; specialists in all things flat roofs including soffits, fascia and gutters. Flat roofs have their own unique maintenance needs. First, they should not be totally flat. There needs to be enough of a slant for water to drain into the gutters and away from the building. Check your roof after a rain for puddled water. If it’s there then either the pitch of the roof is incorrect, gutters are clogged or shallow craters have developed in surface material of the roof. Any or all need correcting to prevent leaking and damage to the interior of the building.

It is a waste of money to slop a bitumen patch on a dry crack in the roof and expect that to prevent leaking. At Steve Emery Roofing we know in Telford, flat roof repair begins with the cause. As flat roof specialists with a true professional standing in our community and trade organizations, we do not waste your money. When we look at your roof, we know what we are looking at. If we believe your roof needs a full replacement to be strong and serve you well for two decades, we will tell you. We will also explain how and why we know. If all you need is a gutter change, we will tell you that too. Our company will not sell you services without cause.

Flat roof repair in Telford will extend the life of your roof as long as regular maintenance is kept up. Your roof is wide open to the elements, expanding and contracting through heat waves and sub zero freezes. Call us at Steve Emery Roofing and we will come out and evaluate the condition of your flat roof. If there are maintenance issues or repairs to be undertaken, we will give you an honest quote. There will be no surprise add ons at the completion of the job and we guarantee our work. Our company is licensed and our skilled installers are insured so you are protected from liability while we are on the job.