Fibreglass Roofing in Stoke

Fibreglass Roofing in StokeAlthough fibreglass roofing in Stoke sounds like a new roofing option it has been in the market for decades. Fibreglass is a plastic reinforced with glass fibres to form a sturdy material. It is stronger than many metals by weight and has numerous applications. Fibreglass is used in aircraft, boats, automobiles, piping, swimming pools, hot tubs and other fixtures. It is s a prime choice for flat roofs offering unmatched performance. Fibreglass roofs outlive most roofing options. The roof can last half a century. It’s a lifetime investment that only needs little maintenance after 25 years. If your felt or rubber flat roof is due for replacement consider fibreglass. It’s an excellent roofing alternative.

If you look at many buildings in Stoke, fibreglass roofing is the most common flat roof installation. The popularity is due to the unique properties of fibreglass and its performance. Fibreglass does not rust, rot or decay. It’s sturdy and has fire-resistant properties hence its use in insulation and fire doors. Fibreglass is light but strong. It’s the best base for a roof garden or a deck. The material is malleable and can be moulded to fit any roof design. The roof doesn’t have crevices in the joints hence no water can seep through and cause damage. A fibreglass roof is among the few roofing alternatives that come with colour options. You can brighten up the exterior look of your rooftop with a nice colour shade.

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