Fibre Glass Roofing in Wilmslow

Fibre Glass Roofing in WilmslowSteve Emery Roofing Specialists are believers in fibre glass roofing in Wilmslow. Through the years we have seen the frustration of property owners who find it necessary to patch their flat roofs yearly to remedy leaks. Maybe the roof is old and never properly installed. Whatever the reason, when they get fed up with yet another leak, we often hear from them. They are ready for a new roof and they want one that will last. That is when we recommend fibre glass for their replacement roof. With proper installation and quality materials, your new fibre glass roof will last up to 30 years. The foundational decking and finish are critical to the longevity of a fibre glass roof. You can count on Steve Emery Roofing to do the job right.

Flat roofs often serve as decks for outdoor relaxing and socialising. Colour choice is an option when, in Wilmslow, fibre glass roofing is chosen for reroofing. Some fibre glass tiles are designed to look like wood, tile and stone. That adds to the beauty of your roof. We can add mesh wire roofing sheets for added strength. Fibre glass roofing is not just for flat roofs. If you want an economical choice that is durable, consider fibre glass shingles for your reroofing project. Among the benefits is a range of styles for most any home design. Fibre glass is a lightweight fire resistant option that may be your best choice of roofing material.

Steve Emery Roofing Specialists are well established and respected contractor for fibre glass roofing in Wilmslow. However, our thirty years of experience incorporates all materials for roof replacements and repairs. Our work includes flashings and guttering so water drains properly from your roof. Contact Steve Emery Roofing Specialists and get all your questions about fibre glass roofing answered as well as a free estimate. We can give you quotes based on fibreglass and other suitable materials to help you compare the benefits of each. You will find plenty of examples of our roofing work on homes, commercial buildings, municipal facilities, schools and hospitals. Ours is a small roofing contracting company compared to some. We like it that way because all work is done in house according to our standards of customer service.