Chimney Work in Nantwich

Chimney Work in NantwichSometimes you call a roofer because your roof is leaking and end up with chimney work in Nantwich. Steve Emery Roofing Specialists know to check the chimney when your roof is leaking because so often the leak originates from that vulnerable place. As professional roofers, chimney work is part of the job. Customers fare better when the roofer offers a comprehensive list of services for any type of roof repair, replacement, chimney work and more. In Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire, we are the kind of reputable company you need. We offer 24-hour emergency service as well. If the leak can’t be permanently fixed immediately, we can perform a temporary fix to stop the leak. Then the permanent repair work is done as soon as possible.

There are a few different reasons for a roof leak to result in chimney work. In Nantwich, chimney work may be required in old homes where the original brick chimney was meant for coal and wood. If the heating system is switched over to gas, naturally occurring moisture in natural gas may be causing dampness. It could show up on chimney walls making you think there is a roof leak. A chimney liner is the easy fix for this rare chimney leak.  If a chimney does not have a cap, there is nothing to stop rain from coming in and building up condensation. That is a less frequent cause but easy to repair.

The more likely causes for chimney work in Nantwich to eliminate leaking are worn flashings and chimney bricks. Chimney flashings are made from aluminium and sometimes from copper but they don’t last forever. Sealer placed around the flashing and chimney wears away. The result is leaks and the solution is repair and reseal. Brick and mortar break down, just as flashings do from constant exposure to weather elements. A bit of tuck pointing and maybe some water proofing will fix that. You want that chimney work done right or it won’t last. Contact Steve Emery Roofing Specialists for assistance with chimney work.  We have the experience and fair prices to ensure a top quality service.