Chimney Work in Alsager

Chimney Work in AlsagerDo you need chimney work in Alsager? When was the last time, if ever, you thought about your chimney? Chimneys run from the basement of our homes up through the roof where it projects high enough above the roof line to carry deadly gases away. They are very effective and do their job with little notice. The interior brick chimney can last more than a hundred years but if you have one that old it usually has a liner inside for safety. It’s that three to five feet above the roof line that takes the brunt of the elements year after year. That’s where you are likely to see deterioration in the form of loose caulking and broken bricks. Such damage often goes unnoticed until you need roof repair or replacement. We always check your chimney when you call us out for roofing work.

The part where the chimney goes up through your roof is important because it means there is a large hole in your roof. That can lead to all sorts of grief in Alsager chimney work and roofing. The opening and roofing material around the chimney must be sealed to keep it waterproof. As roofers, we consider that part of our job. We and most everybody else use flashing materials to water seal around the chimney. Flashing material may be copper, lead, aluminum, galvanised steel, PVC and more. The material is thin and is sold in rolls and when installed correctly does a good job for a long time. Still, flashing needs to be checked yearly for signs of loose screws or broken seals between flashing and chimney. We make those repairs and coat them with roof cement for further waterproofing

Roof leaks are often the first sign you need chimney work in Alsager. We’ll look in your attic when evaluating the roof condition. If we see water stains on rafters, it’s usually around the chimney. That tells us the flashing needs repair and where the leak is. Contact Steve Emery Roofing Specialists for roof inspections that include your chimney and chimney flashings. Your roofing system that waterproofs your home includes chimney work, soffits, fascia and guttering along with roofing materials. A failure in any one component can compromise the integrity of your roof.