Advantages of Kemperol Roofing in Stoke

Advantages of Kemperol Roofing in StokeAre you looking for a reliable, experienced contractor who can install Kemperol roofing in Stoke? The Kemperol System has been around for more than half a century and it was the first to provide a cold, liquid-applied waterproofing system in the form of a reinforced membrane. The company has since then constantly offered newer and more highly evolved versions of the original. Today there are scores of different options available for different waterproofing applications. The products are essentially polyurethane based, and form a seamless, elastic, moisture barrier which is nevertheless, vapor permeable. Modern Kemperol products contain eco-friendly, solvent free, recyclable materials. These are ideal for buildings like schools, hospitals, child-care centers, food and beverage manufacturing plants, medical labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing factories and animal shelters.

In Stoke, Kemperol roofing is offered by many reputed roofing contractors. However, ensure that it is applied only by trained and company approved contractors. The biggest advantage of Kemperol is that it has a very short curing time, which can also be adjusted to environmental factors plus it is a single application operation. Being solvent free, it’s great for green roof projects. It is fully bonded and stable, UV resistant and can last for up to twenty five years. It is also resistant to wide ranging changes in temperature and can withstand huge pressure and impact. Being elastic, it can withstand tears, elongation and punctures. Kemperol roofing can be applied to existing roofs also, if you require an existing roof recovery. This is useful for older or heritage buildings, as Kemperol products can adhere to almost any kind of surface, without adding any additional weight to the structure. Fasteners, screws, hinges or additional pitch-pockets or term-bars are not required.

While selecting the right contractors to undertake work for Kemperol roofing in Stoke, choose a firm that’s well established, has a good reputation and employs only trained professionals who are fully licensed and have the right insurance coverage. Like Steve Emery Roofing Specialists, a family owned business which can offer a more personalised service, quality products and work guarantees. You can get a quote based on area, requirements and budget and get the work done double-quick. Contact Steve Emery Roofing Specialists for more information on Kemperol roofing.