A Kemperol Roofing Enquiry in Stafford

Kemperol Roofing Enquiry in StaffordRecently a client called us and made a Kemperol roofing enquiry in Stafford. Kemperol, for those of you who don’t know, is a liquid waterproofing system that is poured. It has excellent features and is known for its durable capabilities. About 80% of the resins found in Kemperol are found from a renewable source, tropical castor plants. The substance can be used on practically any materials such as concrete, timber or metals. If you are a green person or you prefer natural products, Kemperol is the perfect option for the house or the industrial premises.

The client in Stafford made the Kemperol roofing enquiry asking the benefits of choosing this substance when choosing a waterproofing option. Kemperol, which has been used in Europe for the past 50 years, is an elastic substance that can be placed on new builds, cracked walls and even on factories’ rooftops to prevent ponding and leaking. Secondly, the installation of Kemperol is a quick process that will not disrupt daily routines. Thirdly, it can be placed on a number of materials and products including gutters, balconies, fountains, podiums, terraces and so on. Lastly, it has 40 years of proven performance and it is suitable for foot traffic without having to add in any additional substance in the mix. Apart from all these advantages, Kemperol can be cold applied, it is vapour permeable, it is weather resistant, it is fully reinforced, and it is seamless and fully bonded.

If you have a Kemperol roofing enquiry in Stafford, you can direct your questions to us, at Steve Emery Roofing Specialists. We have been in this field for years and whatever your roofing issues are, we will definitely come up with the most efficient and budget-friendly solution. Our dedicated team of professionals are here to make sure that you have the most robust roof to live and work under. For a free quote, call our friendly staff members. Please note that we do provide free estimates throughout the whole of UK. Do not hesitate to contact us at Steve Emery Roofing Specialists Ltd for more information on Kemperol roofing.